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Today launched a new (and free) “Cyber Perception Center” to help small-business, security professionals, and average-joes keep up with cyber news and real-time cyber events.

Your Own Personal Intelligence Agency

Big businesses and government agencies have very large (and expensive) cybersecurity centers where a highly trained team of experts track cybercrime and other cyber-related security events that affect their systems.  But what are small businesses and average computer users to do?

The Cyber Perception Center at has filled this gap by providing a one-stop interface that aggregates cyber-related news from around the world, curated content, and live-feeds from carefully selected official and unofficial sources from around the world.  Visitors are presented all the information they need to get a good idea of what is going on in the cyber realm, at no cost.  This will be a boon for low-cost operations – even those that don’t know a lot about cybersecurity, malware, ransomware, or computer viruses.

Cyber Perception Center Screenshot
The Cyber Perception Center allows low-budget businesses and operations to easily keep track of cyber-related events and news.

There are features tailored for security professionals and more tech-savvy users, too.  A live feed of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) is displayed to help keep up with vulnerabilities found and published for to the open source domain.

Live Feeds at the Cyber Perception Center
An example of some of the live feeds at the Cyber Perception Center.

Keeping Up With the Cybers

The Cyber Perception Center is part of the “Cyber Dominance” efforts of  The principles of General Dominance Theory and Cyber Dominance Theory indicate that “knowing is half the battle.”  In other words, if you don’t know what is going on in the cyber domain, you are vulnerable to the domination of malicious cyber actors.  But, if you are able to adequately perceive the state of the cyber domain you stand a fighting chance.  Government and big businesses spend billions to this end, and the Cyber Perception Center will enable others to do it easily and cheaply.

Perceiving security incidents isn’t enough, however.  As cybercrime, identity theft, and cyberwarfare incidents worldwide continue to rise, projects like the Cyber Perception Center will be an essential tool of the small business owner, CEO, and average-joe alike.  But in addition to perceiving threats and events, users must do what they can to defend themselves and become smarter in the way they operate.  This is why also focuses on educating people on the fundamentals of computer security and aspires to be a center of Cyber Creativity.  Topics range from philosophical approaches to fundamentally change the way use information like social security numbers to very straightforward tips about how to defend against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

The Cyber Perception Center is accessible for free at

Jacob Foster Davis is the founder of He is a systems integrator and jack-of-all-trades.  He specializes in leading teams of rivals comprised of widely-varying specialties. He’s a former Adjunct Professor of Cyber Security at the U.S. Naval Academy and has a background in complex adaptive systems, space operations, performance arts, military operations, and iOS development.

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