Your adversary is more effective when they know what your are doing now and what you will do next.

Articles related to the concept of denying your adversary the ability to collect information:

The latest update to General Dominance Theory was released last week.  This introduces the concept of the Desired End State Space,
After considering the objective of war and how to succeed in war, GDT concludes that Dominance is Success in War, and that a perfect Ability to Affect Reality and a perfect Perception of Reality will necessarily result in Dominance. is the new home of General Dominance Theory (GDT). GDT is the basis for Cyber Dominance theory.  It provides guidelines
Cyber Dominance is achieved when you have a perfect Ability to Affect the Cyber Domain (ATA-C) and Perception of the Cyber Domain (POR-C). is the home of Cyber Dominance Theory (CDT).
Want to achieve Dominance in the Cyber Domain? Learn to control yourself and your opponent with the Six Critical Controls
Cyber hackers can steal your identity by merely reading your personal information. How can you protect against identity theft against this vulnerability?
Why live in fear? Protect against identity theft by fundamentally changing the way we use information.