Your adversary is more effective when they know what your are doing now and what you will do next.

Articles related to the concept of denying your adversary the ability to collect information:

Information Warfare is Fleet Business: It is no longer what goes on behind the green door
We are behind.  The U.S. military requires a cultural change to reconcile institutional aversion toward non-lethal information warfare. To aggressively
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A Distributed Service Architecture has multiple servers providing the service, diminishing the advantage of a DDoS attacker.
Defend Against Distributed Denial of Service Attacks – Watch A Grocery Store
How can you defend your service from a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack? The Answer is at the grocery
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The Do’s and Don’ts of Cyber Leadership
When leading elite cyber operators, there are some things you should do - and some things you should never do.
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Achieve Cyber Dominance
Cyber Security + Dominance = Cyber Dominance
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The Six Critical Controls of Cyber Dominance illustrate the six things you must control to achieve Cyber Dominance. These Six Critical Controls can each be described as a Pillar of Cyber Defense or a Pillar of Cyber Offense.
Cyber Dominance Theory
Applying General Dominance Theory and Cyber Security to control your fate in the Cyber Domain.
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How to Encrypt Your Email for Free
Learn how to keep your emails private and your friends safe by encrypting your emails on your home computer or phone.
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Collect Information
Collect information about your cyber reality; monitor your assets, networks, and adversaries.
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Ukraine as a NATO Centre of Excellence: Information Warfare
In response to Russia’s increasingly aggressive actions, NATO ought to expedite the Ukraine’s application for member status and, simultaneously, the
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Six Critical Cyber Controls
According to General Dominance Theory and Cyber Dominance Theory, achieving the six critical controls will ensure dominance. The six critical
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Yes, You Do Want to Dominate Others: The battle of dominance vs superiority
Despite popular claims to the contrary, you - and everyone else - want to dominate.  You want to have what
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