According to General Dominance Theory and Cyber Dominance Theory, achieving the six critical controls will ensure dominance.

The six critical cyber controls:

  1. Affect Reality: Control your assets and your networks; be able to change when you need to change.
  2. Collect Information: Collect information about your cyber reality; monitor your assets, networks, and adversaries.
  3. Synthesize Information: Transform information into knowledge of where you stand and your adversary’s actions and plans.
  4. Deny Adversary: Affect Reality: Your adversary wants to be able to affect and use the Cyber Domain.  Don’t let him.
  5. Deny Adversary: Collect Information: Your adversary is more effective when they know what your are doing now and what you will do next.
  6. Deny Adversary: Synthesize Information: Ensure your adversary can’t transform the information he collects into actionable knowledge.