Creativity is the Key

Computers and the protocols used on computer networks weren’t always built with security in mind.  In order to meet the challenges of the Cyber Domain, significant innovation and outside-the-box thinking is necessary. aspires to become a hub of what we call “Cyber Creativity.”  By generating ideas, we can spark the innovators and experienced computer engineers and fuse them with bold thinkers to solve problems that many security professionals have written off as “the cost of doing business.”

This page will serve as a hub of the creative efforts we will encourage.

The value of information

Information is valuable.  People will want to take it from you or change the information to achieve their ends.

Cyber Dominance is achieved when you have a perfect Ability to Affect the Cyber Domain (ATA-C) and Perception of the Cyber Domain (POR-C). is the home of Cyber Dominance Theory (CDT).
After considering the objective of war and how to succeed in war, GDT concludes that Dominance is Success in War, and that a perfect Ability to Affect Reality and a perfect Perception of Reality will necessarily result in Dominance. is the new home of General Dominance Theory (GDT). GDT is the basis for Cyber Dominance theory.  It provides guidelines
Cyber hackers can steal your identity by merely reading your personal information. How can you protect against identity theft against this vulnerability?
Why live in fear? Protect against identity theft by fundamentally changing the way we use information.

The Human and the Machine

Computers should serve you; not the other way around.

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