Control your fate in cyberspace.  Achieve your desired end states in the cyber war. is a forum for discussing and exploring topics on computer and cyber security and the application of philosophies such as General Dominance Theory in pursuit of dominance in the cyber domain.  The two main goals are:

  1. to increase the understanding of cyber threats and to help others achieve Cyber Dominance.
  2. to advance the discipline of cyber security.

Achieve Cyber Dominance

The first goal is to help business and military leaders, governments, and individuals understand vulnerabilities and threats to computers and networked systems, enabling them to eliminate or mitigate the same.   To understand the technical aspects of a problem is not enough, however.  We must be able to apply technical knowledge, and this must be guided by philosophies of warfare and dominance.  General Dominance Theory is chief philosophies used in this pursuit.

Contribute to Advancements in Cyber Security

The second goal is to facilitate discussions and make contributions that will benefit the theory and application of cyber security – thereby advancing the discipline as a whole.  CyberDominance should be a nexus for cyber security thinkers.  Although General Dominance Theory is a chief philosophy promoted here, contributors are encouraged to challenge the tenants of General Dominance Theory or the works of others on cyber security and related philosophical topics.

We are currently accepting applications for contributors.  Please see our call for contributors pamphlet if you are interested in becoming a contributor.